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Residential land development has its origins in mankind’s earliest civilizations and while the governing laws of nature and engineering may not have substantially changed, the modern financial and political environment have created a dramatic shift in development expectations.  No longer are “on budget” and “on schedule” acceptable project statuses – homebuilders, investors and land owners all demand that their project EXCEED expectations, regardless of impacts from weather, municipalities or contractors/engineers.  While Middle Street Residential can’t control the weather, our expertise in mitigating its effects and unifying the development team leads to successful projects that exceed all expectations.

“It’s just a bunch of dirt, trees and pipes – anybody can develop a neighborhood, right?”

Residential land development has been in existence since mankind decided to stop foraging for shelter in places they had to live and started creating shelter in places they wanted to live.  One could therefore make a reasonable argument that if early civilizations could develop property and the laws of nature/engineering that govern development haven’t really changed, how difficult could modern day land development possibly be?  The short answer is that residential land development is not exceptionally difficult.  However, SUCCESSFUL land development can be infinitely more challenging.

“Land development consultants cost too much – I’ll just hire a good engineer/contractor and my project will be fine.”​

And to a certain extent, you’d be correct – a competent engineer and reputable site contractor can make a tremendous difference in determining the success of a project.  In all likelihood, your project would be developed mostly to your expectations, within a time period that was generally acceptable and for a cost that was probably on the higher side of your estimate.  Satisfied?  Maybe.  Eager to develop another project?  Probably not.


What if you could develop the same project again, but this time the end results exceeded your expectations with costs and completion dates far below estimated levels?  Satisfied?  You bet!  Eager to develop another project?  Absolutely!  Welcome to Middle Street Residential.

“So what makes Middle Street Residential so much different than anyone else?”

Besides being passionate about land development, MSR’s success as a consultant is rooted in three defining practices:

1) Understanding the Owner’s needs and objectives

2) Effectively communicating those needs and objectives

3) Unifying and motivating the engineer, site contractor and government officials to achieve the owner’s needs and objectives.


These practices are not optional nor are they exclusive of each other – similar to the recipe for a cake, each ingredient is critically important to the finished product.  And like any good recipe, it’s the application of expertise – in this case, MSR’s expertise in due diligence, entitlements, value-engineering, field supervision and close out – that creates a “cradle-to-the-grave” receipt for success.  With MSR developing your next project, you can have your cake and eat it too!

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